dear jude.

dear jude,

are you four yet? nope. man, three has been rough. you’re growing up and some of its hard to take. you can be so sweet and funny one minute and bossy and nasty the next. you do things that appall me sometimes. but its human nature and its growing up. we deal with it and we know that you won’t be this way as an adult.

i love how you are always thinking. that little mind never stops working. on the way home from the park last week you said, “mom, what does the word ‘dare’ mean?” it took me a while to figure out how to explain that one.

you’re very into words. you notice words that people say and you say them yourself. you ask what words mean quite often. lately you’ve been saying “investigate” and “impress” a lot.

i killed a bug the other day and you said, “mama! good job! i am so proud of you.”

i love it when you randomly say, “i love you so much mama! to infinity.”

sometimes i think you’re getting over the “terrible threes”. you’ve had the ability to get over (some) things faster. there are times when you begin to whine or get upset over something and then you’ll say, “just kidding!” its your way of composing yourself. i love it when that happens.

you have been waking up insanely early these days. like 5 or 530. its bad. and you whine constantly until i come downstairs with you. it happened this morning so we are now downstairs watching the show “how its made”. its your kind of show. you’re eating cereal and you just drank the milk from the bowl. you said, “i’m filling up my gas tank so i can do some racing!”

we are going to monster jam this weekend. you are so pumped. daddy and i are excited to see your reaction and to do something fun with you.

you went “camping” with papa over memorial day weekend. you were supposed to do it outside but it ended up raining. so you set up a tent in their living room. you had fun. when daddy and i told you about camping you were giggling with excitement. it was before bed and when we left the room you were telling rudolph all about camping.

recently, i was moving a kid’s chair from the playroom to the living room. you wanted to help me so you lifted an end. you said, “hey! this is just like when man’s move things! one man in the front and one man in the back.”

you love “man time” and manly things.

last weekend our family did the liver walk in honor of bampy. it was a lot of fun. we stayed in a huge hotel room with gramma and papa, aunt kate, uncle peter, and daphne. you were in heaven.

we went to mt. hope a couple weeks ago to visit bampy’s grave. as we drove in, we were talking about him. i was telling you how much bampy loved you. we talked about playing basketball with him and how he used to sing to you. i told you how much bampy prayed for you. then you said, “mama, what do you love about bampy?” i can’t wait to tell you more as you grow up.

i love you so much, buddy.

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