dear jude.

dear jude,

you are getting so TALL. i can’t believe it. you are such a boy…the “little” is gone.

you pray at dinner sometimes. the other night you said, “jesus god, thank you for this food.” its so cute to hear you pray and to see your mind at work. at nighttime, we always ask what you want to pray for. you often say, “i want to pray for cars, trucks, airplanes, and monster trucks.” i teach you about being thankful, and in your eyes those are important things to thank god for.

we recently took you to monster jam at speedway 95. mama and daddy were SO excited to take you because we knew you would love it. meme watched lucy while we went on our special adventure. in the car you said, “i like doing things without lucy. just me, mama, and daddy!” i’m glad that you felt special that day.

you loved every minute of monster jam.  it was awesome to see the look of pure excitement on your face. i told daddy that i never had to go again (i thought it was kind of boring), but i wanted to be there and experience it with you that one time. you got kind of antsy so we left a few minutes early. when we were walking to the car, you said in the cutest voice, “that was unbelievable!” we got ice cream after and you talked about monster jam. you said, “that was great!”  it was a fun day.

the other night we had broccoli with our dinner. i put some on your plate, like always. daddy and i started eating and you took you broccoli and said “mmm, i love broccoli” and ate like four bites. i was so proud of you. by the look on your face, i could tell you weren’t a huge fan but were trying so hard to like it. you also eat red peppers now (i’m pretty sure its only because they are your favorite color). this is huge.

you’ve had your moments lately, my man. ugly moments. mean, rude, whiney moments. they are not fun and my patience wears thin. but we’re surviving.

fathers day was a few days ago. daddy took stella outside and you said, “daddy is so awesome and so cool.” right on, jude. he totally is.

you and daddy went to church because lucy and i weren’t feeling well. after that we met up with gramma, papa, aunt kathy, aunt kate, uncle peter, and daphne. we went to bucksport, ate lunch, and visited the chicken barn. you were awesome there. as we walked around you kept saying, “i don’t see any chickens!” you walked with me down every aisle and spotted cars and trucks in weird spots. gramma let you pick out a toy vehicle. you were happy. we got ice cream on the way home. it was a good day, the kind your daddy likes.

the swing set is finally put together. you LOVE it. you’re so cautious, so it was cute to watch you on it for the first time. you climbed up the rock wall section totally on your own. you were so proud. the slide is fast so you appreciate a helping hand. last night you were standing on the tower part and you said “i’m so high! i can do anything up here!” i know you’ll make lots of memories on that swing set.

we were talking the other morning. you said, “mama, cut to the chase!”

i love you to infinity, mr. jude! so much. i will always, always, always love you.

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