dear lucy.

dear lucy,

i think its safe to say that you are now walking! you started quite a while ago, but you didn’t do it a lot. every now and then you’d take a bunch of steps but you always ended up reverting to your signiture crab crawl. this week you’ve been walking just about everywhere so i’m pretty confident in saying that you’re officially a walker.

you’re talking more. you love to say “ok!” when daddy or i say, “how are you?” you respond with “good!” i know it’s either coincidence or routine, but its funny just the same. your favorite word by far is “hi!” whenever you hear the door open or meme knocking your immediate reaction is to say “hi” until someone responds.

daddy is working on rebuilding the deck. he and papa were working last weekend and you were being very nosey. you’d go back and forth between the open window and the sliding door, just checking in on them. every couple minutes you’d yell “hi!” it was the cutest thing.

books are one of your favorite things. you used to not be that into them, but you’ve developed an interest. you love looking at them. you’ll bring a book over to me, climb in my lap, and motion to me that you want me to read. i’ll read the book and you’ll hop out of my lap when its over. then, you climb back up and want me to read it again. we’ll do this like five times in a row until you move on to something else. i love it.

gramma and papa got you a shopping cart for christmas. you are obsessed with that thing. you love walking laps around the house: into the kitchen, around the island, into the family room. you often pick up things along the way. you give your babies and elmo rides.

you’ve finally gotten the rhythm of the rocking horse aunt holly gave you. you can get on and off it all by yourself, although you typically do a side saddle type move.

i love to watch you grow and change. you will understand how much i love you when you become a mom someday. but, i love you a million times more, lulu. you were sent to me and daddy at the most perfect time. you are my light, lucy!




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