dear jude.

dear jude,

oh man. holy cow. what am i going to do with you? to put it bluntly, you’ve been terrible lately. tears are falling often for me these days, and i’m not a crier.

this mom thing is so hard. i never understood how hard it would be. three has not been your finest year. i get frustrated and stumped because you can be so awesome and funny and kind one second and a complete monster who’s flying off the handle the next. i’ve come to find out that its a three year old thing. but wow, i deeply dislike it. and the way we parent should not yield this type of behavior. can you say sin nature?

i remind myself to pick my battles. you ask for marshmallows? big deal. you want to watch another show? who cares. i try to cut you some slack. but when you talk back and roll your eyes? no way, dude. you scream at the top of your lungs because lucy is playing with your cars? think again.

i also remind myself that you won’t be this way as an adult. you are three. this is what three year olds do. so we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing, pressing on and praying for help.

being a mom has taught me a lot. but one of the things is this: when you have kids some day and you or your wife is wiped beyond belief, please call me. i will remind you that i’ve been through the same thing. i will tell you stories of your grumpy antics. i will share that i know how you feel and i know how badly you need a break. i will encourage you and tell you that you are strong, you are hard working, and you are good parents. and i will drive to you, pick up my grandkids, and let you enjoy silence and peace.

now, on to happier things. we have had some good times, despite your teenager-like attitude. my college friend karen and her daughter josie came to visit us this weekend. we had lots of fun. we went on a train ride. you thought it was very cool.

we’ve been swimming in gramma and papa’s pool a few times. you love playing on the stairs. you’re hesitant about actually swimming, but you love to play in the water. i think we will do swimming lessons later in the summer.

lucy was wearing a bright, flowered dress today. you said, “lucy looks awesome in that dress. and pretty.” this was quite a compliment for lulu because you typically use “awesome” to describe manly things…you say that “pretty” is for girls and “awesome” is for boys.

i love you, man. even though you’re grumpy sometimes. and you roll your eyes. and you swat the air. and you don’t share. and you whine. i still love you and i always will.



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One thought on “dear jude.

  1. ladystuart13 says:

    Three and rolling eyes! It is like they get a manual on how to drive their parents crazy. Doug’s Sr.’parents wanted him to have one just like him – and he did – only I was the one got to raise the kid who was so different from me in school work, behaviouring,etc, With DJ we were sure who the father was, but knowing Mom was trickier. Some days you may have to be the mean parents which is OK because you are doing because you love Jude.

    You will want him to march to his own beat instead of just following the crowd – be the leader! Every child is unique with specials needs and wants – parents has to love the child as is….along with teach right and wrong – Jude has so much potential – he is the clay; you are the potter It is an awesome job being a parent. ❤ Mary

    Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 00:00:25 +0000 To:

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