dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you had your 15 month well child check yesterday. your doctor asked if you have a temper. i smiled. i explained (see below) and then the irony struck me when she left the room and you threw the biggest fit of your life that included a lot of head banging and thrashing.

lately, you’ve been quite an actress. every now and then something will set you off. then you look around for a good spot, roll over, and throw your head back in a super dramatic way. its seriously hilarious. you did it so much over the weekend and everyone just laughed.

on the fourth of july we went to the parade with aunt holly and meme. then we went to papa and gramma’s house to hang out with them, aunt kate, uncle peter, and daphne. we swam, ate, and hung out.

that night, you found this little foam baseball. you carried it around for hours. you just sat and held it. we went to the fireworks that night. we sat in the car and you watched from your seat…while holding the ball. you’ve been sleeping with it for days.

you are quite daring. maybe not compared to a lot of kids, but definitely compared to jude. you like to climb. you love playing on the couch. you stand on the picnic table. you don’t respond to “no”. forget scolding, it doesn’t even phase you.

lucy, you are such a piece of cake. jude is so difficult right now…he’s emotionally draining to me because of his current stage. but you are so laid back and sweet. you are busy, like any one year old, but that seems like nothing when compared to my dealings with your sassy, naughty, too smart for his own good brother. you’ll be there someday, i’m sure, so i’ll soak up these moments while i can.

love you, lucy bear.


IMG_7604 IMG_7611 IMG_7642


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