dear jude: love, bampy.

dear jude,

jude, i’ve told you this before and i’ll tell it to you again. my dad loved you so much. you would have been his best buddy. its clear that you are his grandson. many of his character traits have been passed down to you, the good and the annoying. and your bampy would have been so proud of that.

after having two girls of his own, he was beyond excited to welcome a boy into his family tree. he looked forward to playing golf and basketball with you. he dreamt about weekly outings to mcdonalds and geaghans. taking you to your first red sox game was something he couldn’t wait for. he would have loved what a man’s man you are and how witty and intelligent you have become.

even though you have no clue, its sad for me to think about what you’ve lost. so i will do my best to keep his memory alive.

if he could, he would tell you this…

live in every moment. life is precious and quickly passing. do things that you want to do and don’t always wait until tomorrow.

be wise with your money. spend less than you make. save and give, give, give. you have to spend money to make money. buy things that you want, if it’s sensible, because you only live once.

play sports. you will learn confidence, dedication, and teamwork. and be a smart fan: red sox, patriots, and celtics. there is no one else. boom, baby.

work ethic is important. be a top notch worker. invest yourself in whatever you’re doing. don’t just be good…be great.

being a good dad is the most important thing you will ever do. invest in your kids; you won’t regret it.

success is not measured with money or trophies or degrees. life is about relationships. success is directly correlated to being the husband, father, and friend that god has called you to be. everything else is meaningless.

be a man. a real man puts others first. he stands up for his loved ones. he is loyal and wise. a real man isn’t afraid to cry or do what is right. a real man is honest, faithful, and sensitive.

learn the art of conversation. be an active listener and ask questions. inquisitiveness will get you far.

optimism is the way to go. look on the bright side of things: recognize the negative but focus on the positive.

don’t worry.

apologize when you’ve done something wrong. closure after an argument is good.

remember birthdays. it makes people feel good to know that they were remembered. and it could be your claim to fame.

and above all else, know god. be a prayer warrior. memorize scripture. remember jesus’ sacrifice. be in tune with god’s plan and the written word. let jesus love consume your heart and your soul. everything else will fall into place.



Jude 027 101_1814 IMG_0022



One thought on “dear jude: love, bampy.

  1. Brian Farrington says:

    Well said…

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