dear lucy.

dear lucy,

we have had quite an eventful summer. we have gone on lots of adventures and day trips. we had our first annual keezer family summer vacation. we went to york beach for 2 nights. it was a blast. you and jude had so much fun.

we went to the beach and of course, you loved it. you were a little social butterfly which made things quite busy for daddy and i. i’m sure we were a funny group to watch: our arms were full of things…cooler, diaper bag, beach bag, sun tent, pails of toys. but we made it and it was totally worth all the fuss. you were strutting your stuff on the beach, as proud as a peacock in that hot pink suit. i laugh as i remember watching you and daddy from afar…daddy followed as you strolled along, waving to everyone. 

you love airplanes and cars, lulu. i can’t remember if i wrote this before, but you’ve been pointing out airplanes all summer. the second you hear one you crane your neck ’til you spot it and then you shout “airplane!” 

you like to sing and be sung to. you “dance” but it really consists of your signature shoulder shrug and spin move. 

lucy, you are daring! so much more so than your brother, anyways. you love to climb around on the couches. you took two nose dives off the edge last week. luckily, i caught you by the foot one time and meme did the same the next. you always stand on top of your rocking horse. 

you are obsessed with your babies. you have two that you love: a mini cabbage patch and a soft rattle doll. you take them with you all over the house and can’t enter or exit your crib without one of them. you feed them snacks and tea and offer hugs and kisses to them often. you are just plain sweet, lucy mae.

you’re also a little antagonist, lulu. you know just how to push jude’s buttons and you haven’t learned to reign it in. sometimes i laugh. sometimes i have to teach him not to retaliate. you two keep me busy.

lucy, you are sugar and spice and everything nice. 



IMG_7670 IMG_5329 IMG_5338



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