dear jude.

dear jude,

summer is coming to an end. its been an awesome summer. we have had so much fun. i’ve really, really enjoyed our family time. we’ve done lots of fun things and its been such a blast watching you love life.

you’re favorite things this summer have been:

-throwing rocks on the beach. you could literally do this for hours. a beach with water and rocks is your dream come true. we’ve gone to several beaches throughout the summer and its always your favorite activity. you’d rather throw rocks than swim.

-going to speedway 95 with daddy and papa. you had cotton candy and SO MUCH FUN. i was up when you got home and it was the cutest thing ever. you were so pumped on life that night. you talked a mile a minute….although that’s nothing new.

-we went to uncle byron’s camp on portage lake for a long weekend. it was one of the best weekends of the summer. his camp is so nice and its right on the water. you went for rides in the kayak and paddle boat and spent hours playing with bella on the dock. we look forward to doing that again next summer.

-our york beach trip was probably my favorite time of the summer. it was our first official keezer family vacation. we stayed for two nights and we all had a really good time. you loved every minute.

-we took lots of day trips to belfast, camden, and rockland. those are my favorite local places to visit. bar harbor is too busy.

-you loved going to the owl’s head transportation museum. we went the day of the air show. we missed most of it, but you enjoyed the old cars and vehicles more. i think we are going to go there again this weekend for the motorcycle show.

-picnics and the park are typical weekday adventures. you love going to the park. i think the swings are your favorite.

-the folk festival was this weekend. you talk about the festival, honestly, all year long. last year when we went we saw a train pass by so you’re always talking about the folk festival having a train, music, food, and dancing hippies. you loved it just as much this year, even without the train.

-we eat dinner on the deck every night. our deck gets shade in the evening so its a nice place to stay cool and relax.

its sad that summer is coming to an end, although i am looking forward to cooler weather. i’m also excited for you to start school. you have a visitation day next week and your first official school day is the week after that. i am in shock that its possible, but i’m excited more than sad because i know you will totally love it.

we had a conversation the other day about your future wife. i pray for her often and i cannot wait to have a daughter-in-law! i told you that someday you will meet a girl that you really love and you will buy her a ring and get married. a few weeks later, i found a baby bracelet of lucy’s. i put it on her and you said, “i’m not going to marry her am i?!”

in the car the other day i was telling daddy a story about a child that almost drowned. you overheard. so i said, “that’s why we always wear a life jacket and never go near the water or a pool without mama or daddy.” you understood and said, “yes, that’s right.” so yesterday you were at gramma’s. aunt kate was there and asked if you wanted to fill up the kid pool and play in it. you said, “i’d better not because mama and daddy aren’t here.” aunt kate assured you that she would be right there with you but you insisted and said, “i’d better not.” i laughed so hard when she told me that!

we were eating on the deck last night. meme went out onto her deck and you yelled up, “come on down, meme! we have one piece of chicken left so you can eat it!” meme said, “you sound just like papa!” and it really did sound like something papa would say. i like to see that welcoming spirit shining through.

you are responsible. almost too much so…you don’t like it when others are not as responsible as you. but its a good quality to have, buddy.

jude, i just adore you. i feel like your difficult stage may be sort of coming to an end, maybe. you cut to the chase. you’re honest and you’re affectionate. kisses from mama heal each and every hurt. for now, anyways. you are interesting and quirky and you like things just so. but i like that about you. you’re an old soul, my man, and it really does warm my heart.



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