dear jude: first day of school.

dear jude,

you started school! i can’t believe it. cliche, i know, but wow. how are you in school already? i’m so excited for you, though, and i’m really not sad. you are so ready for school. i keep wondering what your teachers will think of you. your personality is so unique and funny.

last week we visited highland pre-school for the first time. that morning you wouldn’t stop talking about school. you said, “i am so excited to go to my school! lucy, you can’t come to school with me, you’re too little.” we left home and dropped lucy off at aunt meg’s. on the way, you asked the question “is that my school?” about every industrial looking building we passed.

we arrived at school and the sandbox sucked you in. you loved your school. so much so that you threw the most gigantic fit when it was time to leave. we literally dragged you out as you kicked and screamed. it was a good thing and a bad thing, i suppose.

so tuesday was your first official day. school starts at 9, so we spent the morning talking it up. you were excited. you helped pick out your outfit. you remembered that i was going to drop you off and leave and then come back to get you. you seemed ok with it.

then came picture time. there’s no way i was going to miss out on getting a good picture of my little man on his first official day of school. so we set up the chalkboard and you lost your mind when i got out the camera. it wasn’t too surprising. for some reason, you were totally cool with me using my phone and you smiled perfectly for that one.

on the way to school i said, “who’s excited for school raise your hand!” and we both raised our hands. you said, “but mom, you aren’t going to school…you are going to work!” i said, “yeah, you’re right, i am.”

we got to school and greeted your teachers. i handed off your epi pen. the nut allergy scares me, especially when i’m not controlling what you’re eating, but i know you are in good hands.

i hung out for a few minutes and tried to help you settle in. i could tell you were getting nervous, so i forewarned one of your teachers. mrs. babbitt came over and tried to distract you. at this point you were crying like a wild man and begging me not to leave. i waved to you from the parking lot. you were not happy.

after arriving at work, i got a text from mrs. babbitt saying that you were doing well. phew.

much to my surprise, you were not so thrilled to see me when i came to pick you up. you were too focused on the dump trucks in the giant sandbox outside. i don’t blame you, bud.

we went for ice cream and i got as much info out of you as i could. a boy named andrew brought snack. you ate apples and veggie sticks. and you peed on the potty. i think that’s it.

so, jude, here’s to your first year of school…the first of many. school is scary for me, right now. thinking of you going out into the world and being influenced by people that i don’t even know. but its all a part of faith, growing up, and living life. as your mom, my job is to help you thrive out in the real world. you won’t be under my eye forever, but you will always be my little boy.

i love you, jude keezer. you are my pride. you are special. you are one of a kind.



IMG_7739 IMG_7743 Image 5



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