dear lucy.

dear lucy,

oh, my sweet lulu. there are no words to really convey how perfect you are. i call you my golden child. i’m really, really not the type to make things look like something they’re not. i’m honest. i tell it like it is. and you, lucy mae, are the sweetest, most chilled out, cutest little thing on the planet.

now, i may be singing a different tune when the dreaded year of THREE hits. oi…this year with jude has been a challenge. but, i’m enjoying you as you are and holding out hope that you will always be this kind, laid back and welcoming.

you make friends everywhere you go. whenever we go to a store you always say “hi” and “bye” to everyone within ear shot. a smile is almost always on your face. i love your happiness, lucy.

you are such a beautiful little girl. your hair is getting so long. people who don’t know you think you are older than you are because of your long locks.

giving hugs is one of your favorite things. you love walking up to people and saying “hug!”

lulu, you love elmo. and i mean LOVE him. you sleep with him every night. i dug out some of jude’s old elmo jams and you think its so cool to have him on your shirt and pants. we are going to sesame street live in a few weeks and i’m so excited.

you also love daniel tiger. sometimes i’ll ask you if you want to watch it and you giggle with excitement. you say “daniel tiger!” in your own way.

daddy and i love listening to you at night. after we turn the lights out you usually talk and sing for at least a half hour.

you say “ok!” to just about everything. you’re talking a lot now. a lot of words are starting to make sense, but you still have your own little language.

you are quite the bug, lucy. jude’s personality is the opposite from yours. he is an uptight perfectionist. you are a free spirited antagonist. when it comes to your big brother you know just what buttons to push. and you push them often. but i don’t blame you, girl. i’m a little sister too.

there’s this song that you sing. i have no idea what song it is. but it goes a little something like this, “ohh ko kaaay…” repeated a few times. you have hand motions that you do while you sing and then you clap at the end. i wish i knew what song it was!

you have a funny voice. its kind of deep. i love hearing you talk.

you recently had your first real sickness. you were really off for a few days: not happy and kind of clingy. i picked you up out of your high chair one night and you were burning up. after a couple days of fevers and fussiness, you came down with this insane rash. it started behind your ears and then spread onto your neck and ended up all over your back and belly. it was so sad, lu! and freaky looking. turns out it was roseola, which is just a virus that goes away with time. a day or two later you were as good as new.

i like our new routine. we get girl time on thursday mornings while jude is in school. its fun and relaxing.

you, lucy mae, are my joy. i can’t say it enough.



Image 4 Image IMG_7678 IMG_7693


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