dear jude.

dear jude,

have i mentioned how much i’m not a fan (at times) of age three? i love it and i dislike it. you are so hilarious and entertaining. but you’re also so stubborn and sassy and too big for your britches.

i’ve found that time in your room cools you off. you scream and lose your mind in there until you eventually get over it.

bella is your best friend. you love her to pieces and the the two of you get along so well. we were unsure about the dynamic for a while, but you’ve certainly come around. whenever we do something fun or something cool happens in your life you are quick to think of bella. i hope you two are always friends.

we went apple picking a couple weeks ago. you loved it.

daddy took you to see the harlem globetrotters with gramma and papa last week. although you were grumpy, you really enjoyed it. you woke up the next morning and wouldn’t stop talking about basketball. papa bought you a red, white and blue basketball. you said, “mama! watch this!” and you dribbled the ball. it was so adorable. you call it the “basketball field.” i asked if you are going to play football, basketball, or baseball. you said basketball.

i hope you do, buddy.

i think you will be tall. i don’t know for sure, but i think you will be.

we drove by the cross center the other night. its quite a complex. you were looking around, soaking in the view of the new landscaping and the huge building. your eyes turned inquisitive and you made that goofy sideways face of yours and said, “what town are we in?!”

you like school. sometimes you have a hard time at drop off, but for the most part you’ve done really well. its pick up that’s the major challenge. you never want to leave that place! when i picked you up today, mrs. babbitt came over to tell me about your day. she said that at one point, she noticed you trying to clean the sand from the floor with a little broom and dustpan. with tears streaming down your face you said, “i can’t get it all!” you are such a perfectionist. it can be a good thing and a bad thing.

jude, you’re a great big brother. for the most part, you and lucy get along very well. you like to help her with things. you have gotten better at sharing. you’re always there to help lucy down the breezeway stairs. you can’t go to bed without playing with your sister in your room for a few minutes. lucy loves to push your buttons! you’re so easy to bug.

you invited yourself over to gramma and papa’s the other night. we had a picnic at the park and you said, “mama, papa has the day off tomorrow so i’m going to spend the night and he’ll bring me home tomorrow!” i assumed papa had suggested that to you, but it was all you. so they took you home. a few hours later we get a message from gramma saying that you wanted to come home. so she brought you home. like father like son! daddy used to do that as a kid.

you are so interesting, jude. i love hearing what comes out of your mouth. we’re good buddies, mr. man. we cuddle a lot. we crash cars a lot. we sing and dance and read books.

you’ve made my life, jude.



IMG_7789 IMG_7783


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