dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you are the pickiest eater. you’re worse than jude ever was. you are OBSESSED with milk.

you love to carry little trinkets around. at church the other day you were grasping a container of play-doh. daddy tried to pry it from your hands and you would not let that thing go! when we give you m & m’s you hold it in your palm until the shell melts everywhere.

you like to have tea parties with me. even though we aren’t the girly type, it will be fun to have real ones some day.

for a few weeks now you’ve been telling me when you have to poop. you’ll say “poo!” and point to your diaper right before you go. sometimes you even walk to the potty! but whenever daddy or i try to put you on you get scared. we have to get you a little girl potty. i’m hoping these are signs that training will be easy for you. i can’t believe you are on that track already.

i brought a mirror inside today from our old house and you were playing in front of it all night, making funny faces, playing peek-a-boo and dancing.

elmo and minnie mouse are your favorites.

you LOVE to read…like the same book over and over and over again. it gets kind of annoying reading the same book a million times a day, but i love having you sit in my lap. it’s worth it.

playing outside is something we do often. i love watching. you strut all over the yard and garage, swinging your arms. you have such an innocent confidence.

you are just so SWEET! i can’t get enough of your hugs and kisses.

lucy, one of the cutest things you do is when you walk up to me with your arms raised and say, “hug!” you do it to lots of people. its irresistible.

you get attached to different people. we went to hobby lobby the other day with aunt kate, daphne, and gramma. you were getting antsy so i took you out of the cart. aunt kate carried you for a bit and after that you didn’t want to come back to me! i tried to take you and you cried for aunt kate. you did the same thing with uncle nick at meme’s house recently. you followed him around all night and got mad when he tried to put you down!

you are kind and affectionate. you’re a good mama to elmo and your babies.

i have so many hopes and dreams for you, lucy mae. you are special. you are unique. you are sweet and lovable. you’re the most beautiful little girl. you are smart. you are lucy mae keezer, the one and only.

i love you to infinity.




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