the lowdown: he will watch over you.

jude and lucy,

when i was younger, i went through a phase of being afraid. i remember going to bed at night and laying still, kept awake by fear. i knew i was safe and that my parents were right down the hall, but this fear had a hold on me. i remember being scared of different things: nightmares, fires, or something bad happening. during that time in my life, as a little girl, my mind was gripped by fear.

i was having trouble sleeping at night. scary thoughts filled my head. i remember my parents praying with me, asking god to take away my fear. my dad shared a verse from psalms that made perfect sense to me as a child. “the lord will command his angels concerning you to guard you wherever you go.” i think of that verse often and how, as a child, it took away all of my fear.

my adult life has taught me to be fearful. i learned that bad things happen…and sometimes they happen again…and again. i have struggled with fear the last few years. fears of losing people that i love, fears of accidents, financial hardships, and trusting others. but no matter how much i want to give in to these fears, i have seen evidence of the fact that god is with me. and despite the negatives in life, god finds ways to show that he is near and that he can bring good from the bad.

we had a situation with our house on briarwood drive. we thought we had sold it when the plans suddenly fell through. it was heartbreaking. we wondered why this was happening and we were beyond discouraged. after meeting with a realtor, we felt like we were in the midst of a hopeless circumstance.

we continued to pursue selling. we were talking with my mom one night about she and dad when they sold their first house. they listed it themselves and within 7 days an offer was made. i said to mom and brian, “wouldn’t that be cool if that happened to us?”

and it did.

a co-worker of kate’s looked at our house one night with her parents. a couple hours after leaving, she called and made an offer. this was 7 days after putting it for sale ourselves.

i remember waking up the next morning and opening my bible. i opened to a letter from my dad that i had saved from a few years back.  he had written these words, “he is forever faithful. he will watch over you.”

my fears as an adult are very different than my fears as a little girl. but the simple truth remains: the lord will command his angels concerning you to guard you wherever you go. he is forever faithful. he will watch over you.




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