dear lucy.

dear lucy,

i call you my golden child, these days. but i’m ever convinced that someday the roles will change. you are perfect, now. honestly. but…i fear that your years of challenge are in the future. you are so social. i can just foresee fights about friends and social events. you’re rarely dramatic, but when you are, look out! you throw yourself on the floor and bury your head in the ground. its funny.

you love putting jude’s hats on. you go over by the door and put one on your head, then you come around the corner and say “cool!”

lucy, you’re going to be one tough cookie. jude’s always tackling you and giving you giant bear hugs. you giggle and go with the flow.

you have such a sweet, kind spirit. you are so enjoyable to be around.

you had your 18 month well child check the other day. you were so cute to dr. ann. two shots were in the line up. every mom dreads shots, but they keep you safe so its necessary. you laid down on the table (you hate that crunchy paper, just like your brother did) and cried. the shots came and it wasn’t fun. but as soon as you sat up you looked down at your bandaids and with tears streaming down your face you said, “cool!” it was so pathetic and sweet all at the same time. you are so brave, lu, and you always let things roll off your back.

we went to marshall’s the other night to look for boots. i was trying different styles on your feet and you were loving it. you’d lift your foot up and say, “cool!” you like that word. everyone in the store was smiling at you and talking to you. you were having the best time socializing. and every time someone spoke to you you pointed at your shoe and said, “shoe!” you loved the attention.

zooming cars and airplanes is one of your favorite things to do. you have made the wooden ramp popular again. 

aunt holly hung out with you and jude the other night. she took you to the mall. you had such a good time. she said that whenever she asked you to say “aunt holly” you’d just giggle this high pitched, airy laugh. so now you do that every time someone asks you to say “aunt holly”. 

daddy and i can hear you from bed in the morning. you have conversations with your friends. you say repeatedly, “ok! ok. ok!” its the cutest thing ever.

when we lift you from your crib in the morning and after nap you INSIST that we grab all of your friends. its getting kind of hard carrying you, barney, elmo, minnie, and your two babies downstairs in the morning. 

you are such a little mother. you adore your babies. you kiss them and love them all day long and you bring them everywhere! you’re obsessed with minnie, barney and elmo, too. 

speaking of elmo, we saw sesame street live a couple weeks ago! we had fun. we went with gramma, meme, emmy, daphne, aunt kate and aunt megan. you kept blowing kisses to elmo and you were mesmerized by the puppets. you lost attention after a while. your favorite part of the whole deal was the souvenir stands in the hallway. 

i pray over you every night. i pray for different things, but i always say this “may lucy live a long life, grow up to love god and make good choices, have good friends, and meet a man who does the same.” i love you, lucy. you are my precious gift, sent to me at the perfect time. you remind me of hope, light, and joy, lucy mae.



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