dear lucy.

dear lucy,

time is going fast. you are actually a little girl now. so often i think back to the day you were born. daddy couldn’t stay in the room with us, so it was just me and you. we bonded that night, lulu. i got to know you and you got to know me. and i can’t believe how much you’ve changed.

i can’t tell what you’re going to be like. i don’t think you’ll be very girly. i’m not and you have a pretty manly older brother. you do love your babies and your sparkly silver boots…and you adore minnie mouse. i can’t wait to see what your interests will be.

i love your self confidence. you often praise yourself by saying, “i did it!” or “good girl!” you love high fives and fist pumps. my absolute favorite thing is when you pucker those perfect lips and ask for kisses.

when you want to be held you say, “hug, hug!” oh my goodness lucy, you are the most precious thing ever.

jude is your best friend. you guys LOVE playing together. you chase each other around the house and he gets a kick out of you. jude was in time out the other day. you were downstairs and after a few minutes of silence you kept saying, “jude? jude?” your brothers loves to pretend he’s falling and crashing so when he does you always say, “you ok?”

i know i’ve said this before but you are SO FRIENDLY! you greet people in stores all the time and you’ve never met a stranger! you remind me of bella in this way. you are very different than jude. there are positives and negatives to that.

you are funny to watch. you strut around the house and get into all kinds of things. you are good entertainment.

lucy, i want to cry when i picture your little face. i will honestly never be able to fully explain what you mean to me. you represent hope, lulu. you remind me of god’s perfect timing and you saved me from my own despair. i just love you so, so much my sweet.



IMG_8014 IMG_8027 IMG_8002


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