dear jude.

dear jude,

my difficult, strong willed, nit picky, perfectionist, intelligent, loud, angry, kind, straight shooting, nit picky, thoughtful, wise, cuddlebug of a little man…you’ve run me ragged. you gave me a lecture this morning about why i should open BOTH pantry doors instead of just one. you REFUSE to use a cup that lucy used once in her life (about 258 washes ago) because she drooled on it. i’ve give up on making socks a part of your daily wardrobe. i couldn’t POSSIBLY be crazy enough to give you the rudolph plate that has five different food compartments without putting a different food in each one.

you are one of a kind. that’s what i tell you every day. and it is beyond true.

but its that quirky, goofy, particular little attitude that makes you YOU, jude farrington keezer, the little boy that i love so much. you are so much like me…sometimes it scares me how much like me (and bampy) you are. you HATE crumbs. weird smells turn you off. you have to turn the light off when you leave a room. you are bossy. the wheels in your brain are always turning.

the other day you were walking ahead of me down the hall. i noticed the closet door was slightly popped open so i reached out to shut it and the exact same time that you reached your little hand out to do the same. i thought to myself, “ohhhhh man…he is just like me.”

aside from all the quirkiness, you have some sweet and kind characteristics as well. and when i see those come out i could just hug you to pieces. you love to include lucy and you ALWAYS are thinking about bella. when meme took you christmas shopping you told her that you wanted to buy me and daddy a coffee grinder. (and you were totally right, that’s something we would love). you are a thinker. you make connections that i never thought possible for a three year old. you are so smart, jude. you’re athletic and you have a memory like a steel trap. and you are FUNNY!

can you tell how much i love you, jude?

we put up our christmas tree last week. you were beyond pumped for this. every single ornament that i pulled out of the box inspired the best reactions from you! your eyes would light up and you’d get so excited. you were decorating your mini tree and said, “this is the best day ever!” it was fun.

you adore your little sister. you have your moments of annoyance with her, of course, but you’re generally very good with her. the other day you and i were talking and lucy was down for a nap. you said, “lucy is fun to play with. i love that little girl.”

we were praying before bed the other night. you always want to pray for something or someone. on this particular night (after a rough bedtime routine) you said, “i want to pray that i won’t be grumpy and that i won’t be allergic to nuts.”

i can see you trying to adjust to your personality. its just such a BIG personality for a tiny little man. and that’s ok, buddy. you’ll grow into it.

you had a “jude and meme” day recently. when you got home that night you said, “i really missed you today, mama and daddy!”

oh jude, what a wild ride we’ve had with you. some days i want to pull my hair out and go on a very long vacation…and some days i want to kiss your face forever. life with a three year old, i suppose. but i’ll always love you, no matter what.



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