dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you are becoming quite the spitfire. you know what you want and when you want it! you are constantly saying “help!” when you need assistance or “pee!” (please) when you want something. you almost always answer “no” to every question, although you started nodding yesterday.

on tuesday mornings i take you to gramma’s house while daddy takes jude to school. those mornings are frantic. as i grab my coffee and all our bags i say, “lulu, lets go get your boots on!” you drop what you’re doing and yell “OKAY!” while running to the door with a determined look.

you love sitting in your high chair. you take FOREVER eating breakfast and lunch!

your favorite breakfast is kix cereal. you eat two bowls every morning.

the other day you woke up from your nap in a sad mood. you were crying while i changed your diaper and between cries you said, “gaga! papa!” you can’t quite say “gramma” correctly yet.

whenever meme comes down for dinner or laundry you always follow her to the stairs on her way back up. you love going to visit her and you always ask for her iPad. your grandparents surely have you spoiled!

lucy, its a good thing i got shatterproof christmas ornaments a while back because you have wrecked our tree. i’ve slowly moved most of the ornaments towards the top. i like to call you sticky fingers. you also love grabbing toys that jude is playing with and taking off…he screams and chases you and you giggle. you’re definitely a bug!

you aren’t a huge fan of cuddling…yet. i hope to change that. although yesterday me, you, and jude snuggled under the covers for a short movie in mine and daddy’s bed. it was cozy and i tried to sneak in some cuddles with you.

lucy, you LOVE watching elmo, thomas, and daniel tiger. you also LOVE minnie mouse, racing cars down jude’s ramp, and playing in the craft box.

you are just so squeezable, lulu! i can’t get enough of your chubby cheeks! you make THE MOST adorable kissing face and you love eskimo kisses, too. i try not to be too obsessed with you, but i just can’t help it. however, lately i am seeing signs that you actually are human with a sin nature, so that keeps me grounded.







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