dear jude.

dear jude,

christmas is over. we had such a fun holiday season. now we have your birthday to look forward to.

a few weeks ago we took a ride on the polar express! everybody came: me, daddy, lucy, papa, gramma, meme, aunt kate, uncle peter, daphne, bella, emmy, aunt megan, uncle nick, and aunt holly! it was so fun. you loved it.

we have SO MUCH snow right now. we’ve had a bunch of snow storms and lots of ice last week. another storm is rolling in tonight. we all love it when it snows. we play outside and have fun with it.

you got snowshoes for christmas. i’m sitting here now watching you and meme out the living room window. i’m all teared up, for some reason. you just look so adorable and so OLD. and i know bampy would have LOVED taking you snowshoeing. he looked forward to doing so many things with you, jude. you are the grandson he was waiting for!

our christmas was awesome, man. i’m sure you won’t remember it, but you had a blast. on christmas morning you came downstairs to find your stocking and gifts. we got you a sled so it was sitting up in the living room. you said, “whoa, look at that boat!” you were so pumped about every little thing you pulled out of your stocking! santa brought you an apple and you said, “WOW, AN APPLE!” it was awesome to see how excited you were.

we had a busy day, like christmas always is. that night when we were tucking you in bed you said, “this was the best christmas ever!”

you can be so sweet and thoughtful and i love that about you. you say the funniest things, buddy. but you don’t like to be laughed at. you get embarrassed easily. you also don’t like it when people laugh at other people. i like that about you too. daddy fell down a couple stairs on christmas morning and we were laughing at him…you came do his defense and was very upset that we were laughing. you’re just like i was as a kid. i used to always say, “don’t look at me!” and i’d get mad when adults laughed at me, too.

one morning recently you were all riled up. we were coming downstairs and you yelled in that super angry voice, “THIS IS UNDIGNIFIED!” oh jude, i don’t know where you come up with this stuff. you use big words often, even if you don’t know what they mean. but i love that you experiment. you are SO intelligent, its insane.

you came into our room the other night after we put lucy to bed. you said, “mama! tonight i want to thank god for lucy!” you always pray at dinner. its short and sweet but i love to hear your words.

you had a christmas party at your school. mama, daddy, meme, and gramma all went. your class sat in a circle and sang some songs. when they gathered around you refused to participate and sat with your back to the circle while you glared at daddy and i. we tried to get you to join in and you wouldn’t. you were MAD. you did your little air swatting thing to each one of us as you sat and pouted. ugh, it was embarrassing, but funny at the same time because you were being SUCH a grinch!

you love to argue. i seriously think you need to be a lawyer, man.

I LOVE YOU, jfk!






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