dear jude.

dear jude,

YOU ARE FOUR. i can’t believe it. you’re at that point now where you are looking like such a big boy. you are getting super tall and old looking. i think back to you being a tiny little baby and i just can’t believe it! it seems like forever ago and yesterday all at the same time.

i always wonder what you will be like as an adult. what will you look like? will you be tall? will you have kids? what will you do? i hope you marry someone nice. like really, really nice. i pray for her all the time, jude. i hope she is cool and kind and unique. i hope she wants to be a mom and i hope she treats you well. but most of all, jude, i hope she loves JESUS. who you chose to marry will be the most important decision of your life.

man, jude, you are GRUMPY. i struggle with your disposition. sometimes you are so happy and kind and sweet and i love those times. but other times you are crotchety and controlling and mean. i suppose its all part of being four and figuring yourself out…but it sure makes things hard for me. we’re working on some things.

you and lucy have your moments but for the most party you get along really well. you always want her to play with you. she’s quite the little spitfire and sometimes she wants to do her own thing, but she loves to play with you too. you typically wake up before she does and you get SO excited to go in to get her in the morning!

this year your birthday was on a wednesday. daddy and i both took the day off from work  so we could hang out with you. when you woke up and went downstairs, you were surprised to see the “happy birthday” banner. you said, “who put these decorations up?” i left out some sugar dots candy and a hotwheels car. a little bit later, we could hear that Lucy woke up. daddy went up to get her and you were SO EXCITED to see her. you put on your birthday crown from school and stood at the bottom of the stairs, holding your car behind your back and wearing a gigantic smile. it was honestly the cutest thing ever.

we shipped lulu to gramma’s house we had a blast. we went to target and you picked out a toy. you were SO CUTE standing in that car aisle trying your hardest to decide on the perfect toy. you finally decided on a pack of hotwheels and a pack of rescue vehicles. we rented Despicable Me 2 and watched it…twice. then we went to Sweet Frog and Five Guys, in that order. it was a fun and special day.

the next day i asked if you felt any different now that you were four. you said, “yeah, i think so. let me go look in the mirror to see if i look different!” for a week after your birthday, every morning you asked if you were still four.

you get frustrated easily with toys or things (or people) if they don’t do what you want them to do. you were having this issue with a car one day and you said, “this car is officially going under new management!”

jude, you are FUNNY. genuinely, seriously funny. and i love you.



Image 1 IMG_8062 IMG_8140



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