dear lucy.

dear lucy,

oh my goodness, girl. you are TOO MUCH. your bangs, chubby, kissable cheeks, your cute scowl, big brown eyes and perfect white teeth…AH! i can’t take it, you are just so adorable. honestly, lulu, you are that spunky little girl that should be in commercials. that’s what uncle scott says. and its true. i just want to gobble you up. even when you say, “no, mama!” and air swat at me i just can’t help but smile because you are so cute while being naughty.

i know there will come a time when you make me see red. but not just yet.

you LOVE jude. you’ve picked up on some of his habits, good and bad. you love to tease him and instigate fights. you grab rudolph when you know you shouldn’t and you walk slowly by his face to make sure he’s watching. then you RUN while he loses his mind and chases after you.

your favorite word is no.

i’m not sure you’re going to be a morning person like mama and jude. that keezer blood, i guess. it takes you a while to warm up and you’re often grumpy towards either me or daddy.

lucy, you have your own way of talking. jude was speaking in full (and long) sentences by this age, but you’re a little different. and that’s ok. you can barely get a word in edgewise! some things you say as clear as a bell and other things we have to translate. marshmallow’s are “dubba-dub”. not sure where you came up with that.

i was upstairs the other day doing something. i could hear you saying, “mama, where are you?!” like you were the clearest speaker on earth! you pick and chose what you want to say well.

you are quite possibly THE PICKIEST EATER EVER. holy crap. i thought jude was bad when he was your age, but he’s got nothing on you. you are obsessed with cereal. kix and cheerios, to be exact. you often eat 3 or 4 bowls in the morning.

you are independent. you know what you want and what you don’t want. you have a happy disposition and i love that about you. whining is not your thing and you recover quickly. you don’t respond to my scolding, so we’ll have to see about that.

we went away last weekend to portsmouth with gramma, papa, and aunt kate and d. we had fun! it was chaotic, obviously, but we had a great time. you love being with family. you were attached to gramma a lot. you loved chuck e. cheese and roamed the place like you owned the place. you were tired and antsy towards the end and only slept for 20 minutes on the way home.

daniel tiger and elmo are your favorite things to watch. you ask for dora a lot too, even though we don’t watch that at home.

lucy, you are such an artist. you love to color and whenever you see a pen you have to get it in your hands as soon as possible.

you love to sing and laugh. you tell jokes with jude and throw your head back while laughing at yourself. i love it so much. the barney song is probably your favorite and you sing it before you go sleep and when you wake up.

you love to show off. whenever you do something goofy you say, “mama! look!” until i look your way.

oh my cute little gal pal, i love you right to pieces! you are my JOY, lucy mae.



photo-8 IMG_8341 photo-4 photo-5 IMG_8316


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