dear jude.

dear jude,

you have officially crossed over the aisle at target from the little boy section to the big boy section. AHH. i can’t believe it. you are long and lean and growing every day.

jude, you are something else. i look forward to seeing if you have a child like yourself someday. if you do, your wife will need extra support from you…and from me, because wow, you are difficult. i love you to pieces and these difficult qualities will surely make me love you even more someday when they are controlled. but wow, you are just difficult. you are SO argumentative. i have to think long and hard about what comes out of my mouth because you are sure to use it against me at some point. you love to be the boss when it comes to me and daddy and lucy. i many have written this before but honestly dude, if you don’t grow up to be a lawyer you have missed your calling.

you are smart and into details. which is absolutely wonderful and i’m so glad you got that from your bampy, but i will definitley be glad when you understand more about using these things for good vs. just being too big for your britches. don’t get me wrong jude, you are so unique and interseting and i love that. however, i will never forget the many days i spend on the verge of tears because i just can’t figure out how to handle you.

we started a new routine. when you and i get downstairs in the morning we take a minute to sit, hold hands, and pray. you are so sweet while we do it. you close your eyes tightly and listen to my words. i ask god to help us have self control and patience.

we do have such a fun time together, regardless of all that. when you are kind you are SO kind. when you are awesome you are SO awesome. i love you for many reasons, one being that i see myself in you. i’m honest, i speak my mind, i don’t back down from a good argument. you’re like that. i can see loyalty in you which really warms my heart. but we must always remember to have self control in these areas. all of these things can be good but they can be bad when they are not reigned in.

meme witnessed one of your meltdowns recently. she took you somewhere later that day and tried to explain to you that you have to use self control to not be rude and disrespectful. you said, “well, meme, you need to use self control to stop biting your nails.”

i do voice texting a lot on my phone. if i want to use punctuation i have to say it so i’m usually talking in sentances followed by “question mark” or “exclamation point”. the other day i was voice texting and didn’t use punctuation. you said, “mama, you forgot to say question mark.”

the other night you were talking and said, “mom, sometimes you get cray cray!”

you asked me yesterday if i was punky brewster. you said i looked like her.

I LOVE YOU, JUDE! honestly and truly, i love you right to pieces. you are argumentative and difficult and you make me want to rip my hair out sometimes, but the bottom line is that I LOVE YOU. remember that.



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