dear jude.

dear jude,

we are waiting for it to warm up around here. it’s been a cold spring. but you don’t care and you LOVE being outside.

you’ve gotten to be a pro at riding your bike. last summer it was kind of hard for you so you stuck to riding your big wheel. you love to dig in the dirt and race around the driveway and go for walks. you are so happy when you’re outside.

the other day lucy tried to throw a piece of trash on the ground. you lost it and started yelling, “LUCY! WE DO NOT THROW TRASH ON THE GROUND…THAT IS CALLED GLITTERING! GLITTERING IS NOT GOOD!”

oh jude, you are a rule follower to the max. although you can’t seem to follow the “don’t lay on top of your sister” rule or the “don’t scream in your sister’s face rule” or the “don’t talk back” rule. that’s part of being a kid and i have to remind myself of that sometimes.

you gave uncle nick some coaching advice the other day. you said, “keep trying! you’ll get better!” (that’s from Daniel Tiger which you freak out about watching but secretly like).

i signed you up for “Sports Camp” last week. It’s a group that meets on Saturday mornings for 6 weeks and the coach teaches you about different sports. well, you were SO PUMPED about Sports Camp. i bought you some athletic sneakers and we talked about it all week. daddy was out of town at a men’s conference so it was my job to bring you to the first session. it did NOT go well. you were paralyzed by nerves and refused to participate. we sat on the sidelines and i tried everything to get you involved but you wouldn’t budge. it was awful. you were angry, although i know deep down you were nervous and scared. i said, “come on, it’ll be fun and you can tell daddy and uncle nick all about it!” you cried and said, “i don’t want to tell daddy and uncle nick about it…i want to tell bampy about it and i can’t!” not sure how on earth you thought to say that. so, we left the field in a frenzy. i was fuming. you were crying. it was bad.

your personality is so interesting to me, jude. we butt heads sometimes and i think its because we are so much alike. you’re a control freak. you’re bossy. you’re nosey. you like to have conversations with people and get frustrated if you get interrupted or if people don’t listen. you are funny. SO funny. you’re into details and you have an insane memory. jude, you are so sweet and a great helper. you are COOL.

you’ve had a major obsession these days with all things manly. we’re actually started reprimanding you about it because you keep downing on girls and its gotten super annoying. i love the fact that you’re a guys guy and you feel a connection to other dudes. but we obviously want you to respect girls so we’ve started discussing that a bit because you take the whole gender thing a little too far.

your teachers have daddy and i recently that you’ve really started coming out of your shell. it may have taken all year, but the real jude is starting to come out a bit. i’m so glad we started you in school when we did because hopefully by the time you hit kindergarten you’ll be a little more comfortable in the school setting. mrs. babbit and mrs. wilson told us that your class was going to act out the book “caps for sale” and that you volunteered to be the peddler. your teachers were so excited (and shocked) so they decided to give it a shot. i guess a few days later when you were having a practice session you decided against the leading role. but the fact that you volunteered was a big step!

i love you so much, buddy. you intrigue me every day. i’m so glad that you’re my kid.



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