dear lucy.

dear lucy,

it’s been a while since i’ve written. and you have changed SO much. i often look at your sweet, pudgy face and think “i want to remember her like this forever.” you are just so perfect, lulu. don’t get me wrong. you have your moments. you are naughty and you love to be a bug. but you are still just so perfect.

i kept peeking at you in the rearview mirror on the way to gramma’s. your hair was combed and you had on a flowery summer dress. UGH. you should be a model! you’re totally going to be a heart breaker someday. i think you’ll play hard to get and make the boys chase you. god help us.

you’ve turned into quite the singer. your favorites are: the bumblebee song, the itsy bitsy spider and the birdie song. you sing along with me and do all the motions. it’s the cutest thing! i often hear you singing while playing outside or sitting on the floor with your toys.

gramma got you some new pink sandals. you are SO proud of them. you like pink. i don’t. but that’s ok. at the liver walk this weekend you asked the balloon maker to make you a kitty. you pointed to the pink balloon in his apron. you’re kind of a girly girl but you’re kind of a tomboy. you love playing with jude’s cars and trucks but you also love your babies and princess dress. you’re a good mash-up.

you are an insane sleeper. daddy and i love checking in on you before we go to bed because we always find you in the funniest positions. which also makes you a terrible co-sleeper. we’ve done it on occasion (camping, hotels) and it is not fun.

jude is one of your favorite people. you adore him. you love to copy him and you also love to bug him. you know just what buttons to push! i try to explain to him that its just what little sisters do, but he still gets just as angry. although he is a great big brother to you. he loves to help you and he calls you “sweetie” which is just so adorable.

you love to say “superman saves the day!” you always talk about snow monsters, mickey mouse, and dragons. we always laugh when you say “no hug! no kiss!” and “no way, jose!”

the other morning i was getting ready for work. i heard you get up so i went to your door to say hi. i leaned down and you touched my hair and said, “i like your hair!”

we went to uncle byron’s camp over the 4th of July weekend. we had a blast. you loved being in the water and throwing rocks. on the first night we slept in the camper. you were kind of freaked a bit so i slept with you and daddy slept with jude. you kept reaching over and touching my face to make sure i was there. then you grabbed my hand and held it until we both fell asleep. i loved it. we ended up having to go inside in the middle of the night because it was thundering and lightning. on the second night, we tried to put you and emmy to bed upstairs in your pack ‘n plays. you guys cried and cried and cried. finally, we all ended up heading to bed. once we got upstairs you would not be quiet! you were such a chatterbox. emmy was settling down but you kept trying to talk to her. you’d say, “emmy! watch this!” and “emmy! go to bed!” you kept singing the paw patrol song, too. “paw patrol! go, go, go. we’ll be there on the double…whenever you’re in trouble!” you were acting so quirky. it was entertaining.

ohhhh lucy, you are so squishy and lovable and sweet. you’re also quite a little sassafras. you remind me so much of me when i was little. you are my joy, lucy, and i just love you right to pieces!



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