the lowdown: yolo.

jude and lucy,

we have a saying around our house. in fact, we like to chant it. “YOLO, YOLO, YOLO!”

now, its obviously kind of a joke. but it’s so true, too. life is short. even if we all live to be 80, which i hope happens, those 80 years on this earth will fly by at an unusual speed. so make the most of every day. don’t take advantage of the time you’ve been given because you only life once.

this is one of the huge life lessons i’ve learned over the last few years. i think its hit me hard for a few reasons. the first being the fact that we lost bampy and dj. when someone close to you dies, especially at a young age, it reminds you of how short life truly is. it teaches you the importance of making your days count because you never know what tomorrow will bring. losing dad and dj also reminded me to make memories with the people you love. laugh, cry, and say how you feel because they may not be there to hear it tomorrow. going through death and grief is a huge learning experience. you gain wisdom through the negatives and the positives of the circumstance. either way, i guess i’m thankful for that wisdom.

the second reason i’ve adopted the “yolo” mentality and want to pass it on to you is because of YOU. being a parent has changed me, big time. my capacity to love has grown bigger then i ever thought possible. its a different love that i have for my parents or for your dad. you are a part of me. a mom’s love for her children is so vast. its even different than daddy’s love for you. no bigger or greater, just different. these feelings i have for you makes me want to take advantage of every, single second (not that i always do and some days i feel like dropping you off at the zoo…let’s be honest…but i’m generalizing). daddy and i want to create an awesome, exciting life for you that is full of memories and fun times because we want to make the most of our time with you.

when i was in high school, bampy used to keep a tally of how many saturdays he had left with me before i went to college. during the week i was in school and he was at work and on sunday we went to church, but saturdays were usually wide open. he wanted to make use of these saturdays with me because they were numbered. soon i would be living somewhere else, working, studying, and not being around. so he utilized the time he had and let me tell you, i’m thankful for that, especially now that he’s gone.

not many things in life are certain. but a few things are for sure: jesus saves, love never fails, family comes first, relationships matter and you only live once. make it count, jude and lucy. be wise with your money. make good use of your time. explore, create, love big and live every day to its fullest.

“if i live the life i’m given, i won’t be scared to die.”


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