dear jude.

dear jude,

you started school last week. you were SUPER pumped to start which was awesome. it’s only the second week but you’re already doing amazing. last year, it took literally almost the entire school year for you to warm up even just a little. but now, you’re are the real Jude at school…from what i can tell (a little toned down, of course). it makes me so happy. a little sad, too, because you are getting to be so independent and grown up. and those are good things and i’m glad, i just can’t believe how fast your childhood is flying by.

we are sad to see summer go, but excited about fall and winter. we had a great summer full of fun adventures: camping, trips to the beach, gramma’s pool, picnics, and lots of family time. you and lucy both LOVE to camp and we’ve had so much fun doing that. we went to Storyland this summer too. we decided to surprise you and when we drove in you said “are we at Disney World?!” you had such a fun time and went on tons of rides. we also went to Canobie Lake amusement park with gramma and papa and aunt kate and d. you were a little grumpy that day, but still had lots of fun.

daddy got a new truck! the backseat is huge and you love it. the other night you came inside and said, “mom, we need to go on a family ride in the truck.”

we went to the fly-in a few weeks ago. it was a cool, beautiful day. meme came with us. we brought a picnic and watched the plans. it was relaxing.

something huge happened this summer: you asked jesus into your heart and became a Christian! it was so special and sweet. i was driving you and lucy to VBS at church one night when you started asking questions about what happens when you die and where your body goes. i explained, as i had several times before, that if you are a christian, when you die your spirit goes to heaven. you said, “am i a Christian?” so i explained that to become a Christian you have to believe in jesus and ask him to forgive your sins and come into your life. you said, “i believe in jesus.” so we prayed together and you asked jesus into your heart. it was so simple. in the past, you never wanted to do it, but this time you did and i fully believe that you understood. your faith is pure and real and i’m honored to see it. later that night daddy took us to dysarts for dessert to celebrate!

the next day we went to mt. hope to go for a walk. we’ve done that a lot this summer. sometimes we go see bampy’s grave and sometimes we don’t. on this particular day, i was in a rush to go see aunt kate’s new house so i was trying to hurry you into the car. but you insisted on picking flowers to leave for bampy. i followed your lead. you carefully picked the perfect little flower weeds and held them in your hand. when we got to bampy’s grave, you put the flowers on top and said, “bampy, i became a christian just like you!” i couldn’t believe how sweet and perfect this moment was…and it was all your idea.  i’m so lucky to have shared it with you. and i know bampy heard you, man.

i’m so proud of you, jude. we fight like crazy sometimes. we’re teaching you to be respectful, because you often forget to be. we butt heads. i cry. you cry. its rough, at times. but I LOVE YOU. you are kind, thoughtful, smart, responsible, independent and imaginative. you amaze me all the time, jude…i’m so happy that i’m your mom!

i love you times a million!!



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