dear jude.

dear jude,

i’ve created a monster. you are SO obsessed with Christmas. the decorating, the traditions, the presents, the food…the whole bit. we had a HUGE storm the other day. the first storm of the season. it was magical and crazy.

we knew the storm was coming so we had been talking about it over the weekend. on sunday morning you woke up early and came into our room. i felt you poke my face, per usual. i said, “jude, go look outside and see if its snowing.” you hurried to the window and pulled back the curtain. you said, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? holy cow, i can’t see any grass anywhere!” i rolled out of bed and we wandered downstairs. i looked out the skinny window by the door expecting a winter wonderland and it had just barely started to snow. and it reminded me how magical this snow was to you. you’re so awesome, jude. your imagination is never ending and i love that about you.

you were kind of pissed that morning because in your little boy mind, snow = christmas. so when the harsh reality set in that we still had about two more months until that special day, you were not a happy camper. you also were insistent on heading outside at the early hour of 6 am and i somehow was able to put it off until 7. then, we all bundled up and headed out into the blizzard. you loved every second of it, jude. we built a snowman. lucy didn’t like the wind so we went inside while you and daddy frolicked and wrestled.

we got out our christmas decorations, requested by you. no village or family tree yet, but all the other knick knacks are all in their places, including your mini-tree.

the next few mornings were some of the same: early rising, checking your stocking, being pissed. so i gave you a calendar and showed you the layout, hoping that it would make sense. i don’t think it did.

you were batman for halloween this year…again. the most handsome batman ever!

you’ve been into praying lately. you’ll say, “i’m going to pray for god to make my stomach not hurt! dear god, please help my stomach not to hurt. amen” a few hours later, when your stomach didn’t hurt, you said, “hey, i prayed and it worked!” you pray randomly and then always at night, before bed. you look around your room and thank god for everything you see…your cozy bed, your friends, your train table, your clothes, etc. it’s pretty funny.

i want you to know how important it is to pray, jude. it’s been a huge positive in my life and i know it will be to you, too. i pray for you a lot, man. i pray for you and your school career. i pray that you will be firm and secure in your beliefs. i pray for your friends, that you’ll have good ones. i pray that you’ll marry an amazing girl who loves you more than anything. i pray that you’ll grow up to be a strong man of god who leads his family. i pray that you’ll live a long and happy life and that you’ll make good choices. i pray that you’ll love god and love others. it’s so simple but so important, jude.




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