dear lucy.


i can’t even describe how adorable your face is. your cheeks are so squishy. i could kiss them all day long. i know i’m partial, but seriously, you have the cutest face. you’re like that classic cute little girl in commercials or something. i’d think that even if i wasn’t your mom. your bangs, your huge brown eyes, your kissable cheeks and super high voice. i think you get the point. but i just never want to forget how insanely perfect your little two year old face is.

i love getting to know you. you are so sweet and nurturing. you’re also bossy. and you’re quite an instigator. you do this thing where you pretend to be mad and you’ll put your hands on your hips and frown. it’s hilarious.

you are a terrible eater. i forced you to take the tiniest little bite of a green pepper today (obviously i bribed you with a chocolate kiss) and i just about peed my pants. i think that’s the first vegetable you’ve ever eaten, with the exception of baby food.

you love to sing. we sing every night before bed. usually its jesus loves me, oh how i love jesus, the raindrop song, the butterfly song or something like that. you woke up in the night once recently and had a very croup like cough. you sounded terrible…wheezing with every breath. i stayed in your room for a while to try and calm you down. you tossed and turned for a while and then said, “mama, sing to me.” it was so precious. so i sang one of the usuals…”jesus, jesus, jesus. there’s just something about that name.” it reminds me of my dad and my childhood so i like singing it to you.

you’ve been quite an actress lately. you’ll act out the “do you want to build a snowman?” song from frozen and it cracks me right up. you do it just like they do in the movie, including going to the closet doors and pretending your ana talking to elsa. it is the cutest thing ever.

a couple weeks ago meme was downstairs visiting. you were sitting next to her at the island. you leaned over and put your arm around her and said “meme, you’re my best friend ever!” we just about died. so now you say it quite often to a variety of people and its just as cute every single time.

i hope we are best friends, lucy. perhaps not all the time, because i’m not supposed to be your friend…i’m supposed to be your mom. but i know that if i put the hard work in while you’re young, the reward will be a great friendship. i so look forward to it. i want you to always be yourself with me, lucy, and i will do the same.

jude is obsessed with teenage mutant ninja turtles right now. its rubbed off on you a tiny bit. you play ninja’s with him and its sweet of you. you think jude is the coolest kid ever, and you’re right, he is. he loves the theme song and sings it constantly so everyone in the family knows it by heart now. i was singing it the other day and you piped in, “michelangelo is a party dude…AHHHHH!” it was hilarious.

like i said, you think jude is the best. you want to be just like him. i love overhearing the conversations you have. for the most part, he is really sweet to you. he calls you “sweetie” often and it just about makes me die. i love it. he’ll be playing with something, or talking, and you’ll pipe in and say “oh jude, that’s so cool!” its the most adorable thing. you fight like crazy, at times, and other times you give and take and play what the other one wants to play and those moments are wonderful.

you’re so affectionate. you love to give hugs and kisses. you randomly come up and wrap your chubby, soft arms around my neck and its one of my favorite things ever. when daddy leaves for work in the morning you run the length of the kitchen to jump into his arms. and every morning i tell myself that i will never forget it.

that’s why i write these letters, really. i’m always telling myself “this is a moment that i never want to forget.” but life is crazy and sometimes i do forget. so i will continue to write. so we can both remember life as it is right now. because i want to remember you like this forever.






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