Dear Jude. 

Dear Jude,

You’re officially done with first grade! Man, that year flew by. It’s been a big year for you so far. Some highlights of the school year are: 

-LENNON! You are the best big brother to have ever lived and you love Lennon so much. It is the coolest thing! I know you guys will always have a special bond. 

-Playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. It was your first time playing Little League and you did so great. You earned the game ball during one of your games because you worked so hard and got some good hits. You improved a lot. 

-You got really into the Presidential election this year and it was fun to see you take an interest in it. I look forward to many political conversations with you in the future. 

-Going to Disney World! We had so much fun. I want to always remember what an amazing trip we had! It was crazy and busy and tiring but such a great time. We got caught down South for a whole extra week due to bad weather but it worked out well because we visited with Uncle Brian and Aunt Leanne. 

-The Patriots won the Super Bowl! It was an AMAZING game, too. One that you’ll talk about for years to come. I hope you’ll remember staying up late and us all freaking out with excitement over what an insane last few seconds it was! When they won Daddy took his shirt off and threw it at you. We were all pumped! 

-Mastering reading. You are a great reader and enjoy chapter books. It’s awesome!

-You continued to build friendships with your best dudes: Isaac, John, Austin, and Ben along with all your other school and church friends. I think you will always be a guy with a lot of friends. 

– We found a true love for the Boston Celtics. We watched many games together and let you stay up late with us a lot!

-We got a pool! We are excited to make lots of fun memories in our back yard. 

We are having a great summer so far. We have had several play dates and done lots of fun stuff. Some new neighbors moved in next door and the little boy, Blake, enjoys playing with you and Lucy. 

Jude, you are on such a good path. You are GOOD. You just are! You make mistakes and need guidance and help but you have a good heart. You love God and doing the right thing. You love your family and your friends and you value close relationships. These things make me overflow with pride for who you have become. I am the luckiest.



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